Happy Birthday, Dagda Publishing!

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

Just a quick note to say “Happy Birthday” to a outstanding literary community across the pond — Dagda Publishing celebrates its first anniversary today.

Dagda is a terrific independent publisher in the United Kingdom, and it extends wonderful opportunities to new and emerging writers.  Its staff and editorial board are a pleasure to engage with, and it’s great fun being able to join the lively community of readers and writers connected with it.

Check out its website here:  www.dagdapublishing.co.uk

Thanks for all of the fun, inspiration and opportunities you’ve shared over the past year with so many people, Dagda!


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Will camel discovery break the Bible’s back?

Excellent article

CNN Belief Blog

Opinion by Joel Baden, special to CNN

(CNN) — It’s been a rough 2014 for the book of Genesis.

First a Noah’s Ark discovery raised a flood of questions, then there was the much-hyped debate over life’s origins between Bill Nye the Science Guy and creationist Ken Ham.

And now this: a scientific report establishing that camels, the basic mode of transportation for the biblical patriarchs, weren’t domesticated in Israel until hundreds of years after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are said to have wandered the earth.

Using radiocarbon dating of camel bones that showed signs of having carried heavy loads, Israeli archaeologists have dated the earliest domesticated camels to the end of the 10th century BCE.

But according to the traditional biblical chronology, the patriarchs were schlepping around Canaan on camels over a millennium earlier, all the way back in 2100 BCE

Taken on its own, this may seem…

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First WordPress Post

davidiswatchingyouI signed up for WordPress simply so I insult someone in a comment. Since I had the account, figured I might give this a try: posing rants, some stories I’ve written and also to motivate myself to write more. You can find some of my writing on music over at COMA Music Magazine.

Please feel free to comment, insult me, generally make jokes or just tell me how truely awesome I am.

A little bit of sanity on insanity


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